Hello, World!

We're Curious Chip and we have lovingly crafted the nuro, a brand new computer for curious kids.

We were lucky to be brought up in the days when you could just turn on a computer and immediately begin hacking and tinkering. We want to bring that back and have created our curious product to pass on our passion and help teach kids how to code.

nuro: it's like 8-bit, but 32-bit.

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So what's it all about? Let us satisfy your curiosity!


Just plug in a mouse and monitor and you're ready to roll. All software is preinstalled for your pleasure.

Custom Curiosity

Say hello to Curiosity - our special software environment that allows games, apps and crazy mad science experiments to be created with ease.

Built-in Brilliance

Use the built-in breadboard and microcontroller for experimenting and learning electronics. Interface with and control your world. Start off by flashing an LED then move onto bigger projects. If you outgrow the built-in breadboard, 15 pins are exposed via DSUB connector at the back to control things remotely.

Powerfully Programmable

Join in on the action with Javascript - one of the most popular languages in the world. Benefit from huge amounts of learning materials already online, and learn skills that will be useful in reality.


Upload your creations to our online gallery, or import others' code into your own workspace for mashing up.

Linux Inside

The Nuro is a "real" computer runing a customised Linux distribution - if you outgrow our software you can move on to using all of the tools that Linux users are accustomed to.


SD Card, Ethernet, Wifi, USB, HDMI, 15xGPIO.

And our most powerful feature...

You! We've built this computer for the curious and we know that curious minds can do great things. We can't wait to see what you will create with it - so get involved and get curious.